Our Leadership

Leadership Team                                  

Justin D. Norman                                         
President & Chief Executive Officer                                              

Alberto Hernandez                        
Vice President of Operations

Elizabeth Kousiakis                        
Vice President of Human Resources

Matt Litchfield                      
Vice President of Information Technology

Gary Wilhite
Vice President of Finance

Beth Bryer
Director of Purchasing

George Brace
Director of Sales - Formed Metals

Mark Rawlings
Engineering & Sales Manager - Cast Metals

Paul MacDuff
Plant Manager - Addison

Tim Reed
Plant Manager - Brooklyn

Greg Reed
Plant Manager - Leslie

Susana Fernandez
Plant Manager - Lydney

Irene Castro & Antonio Reyes
Co-Plant Managers - Monterrey

Simon Martin
Plant Manager - Muncie

Jenny Acacio
Plant Manager - San Luis Potosi

Sandeep Degala
Plant Manager - Winchester

Jeff Wiles
Plant Manager - Windsor